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News about LED Daytime Running Light and Installation

1. Daytime running lights are a strong growth market for LEDs in vehicles, according to a report from IMS.
According to a recently published report, “LEDs in Automotive Applications” from IMS Research, their importance is set to explode. IMS says that the LED automotive market will double from $650 million in 2006 to $1.3 billion within 10 years.
Today most of the value comes from applications inside the car, such as backlighting dashboards and displays, as well as a wide range of indicator lamps. However the LED value from external lamps will rise from a third of the LED total to over a half by 2013.
Not all cars use DRLs. In some countries, such as Canada, Finland and Sweden, they are obligatory. In the USA and other countries they are not required but are used on many vehicles, while they are little used in other countries such as the UK. However DRL use is growing overall. EU studies have concluded that DRLs save lives, and a law requiring DRL use throughout the EU is widely anticipated.
Daytime running lights will offer a good opportunity for LEDs, according to Fox. “LED DRLs ave long lifetime and low power consumption as well as an attractive appearance. LED DRLs, which were first introduced on the Audi A8 in 2004, are currently used on less than 1% of vehicles. However, IMS Research forecasts that, with very strong growth after 2009, the market revenues for LED DRLs in the next decade will be similar to revenues for LEDs for functions used in rear lighting applications today. DRLs are the application that will lead the way for LEDs to move forward from the rear of the vehicle into front lighting.
2. Daytime running lights: Safety first
When importing a car into Canada, one issue you should know about is the use of daytime running lights. This feature, which is mandatory in all vehicles sold in Canada, often sparks debate, especially among those from the US who must modify their cars to meet this requirement.
Daytime running lights, or DRLs, are a safety feature, a low-cost method to reduce crashes. These lights turn on automatically when you start your vehicle, and operate at about half the normal headlight power. The DRLs turn off when the normal headlights are switched on.
DRLs have been proven to be especially effective in preventing daytime head-on and front-corner collisions by increasing vehicle conspicuity and making it easier to detect approaching vehicles from farther away.
3.How effective are DRLs?
Nearly all published reports indicate DRLs reduce multiple-vehicle daytime crashes.
A study examining the effect of Norway’s DRL law from 1980 to 1990 found a 10 per cent decline in daytime multiple-vehicle crashes. A Danish study reported a seven per cent reduction in DRL-relevant crashes in the first 15 months after DRL use was required and a 37 per cent decline in left-turn crashes.
DRLs not just raise motorists’ alertness to other cars, they also make their own vehicles become more visible to cyclists and pedestrians. This is a major issue in Canada, especially during the winter months, when visibility on the roads can get pretty atrocious.
By making DRLs mandatory, it eliminates the problem of people forgetting to turn on their light switch when it starts to get dark or when weather conditions deteriorate and as such they are driving without taillights.
4. The History of DRLS
Sweden enacted mandatory DRL laws in 1977. Norway followed in 1986, Iceland in 1988, Denmark in 1990. Canada has required DRLs on new cars since 1989.
GM began installing DRLs on some models in 1993. By 1997, all GM vehicles had installed. GM has kindly offered to SELL you a kit to convert your current vehicle to DRLs. How thoughtful — and how very profitable.
On December 20, 2001, GM petitioned NHTSA to mandate DRLs for all new vehicles in the US.
5.Introduction for H005 (SK-DRL03 )& H006(SK-DRL04)
Superiority for H005,H006:
The products use advanced digital signal processing chip(DSP) as the main controller, and pulse width modulation(PWM) to adjust the brightness of LED DRL. To ensure the constant current and stable light, meanwhile to avoid light flickering, we use dedicated high-power LED drive IC. When start the engine, the LED DRL will be on as well, and turn off in the meantime.The brightness of DRL will lowered by 30% when the headlight or fog light on.
Consistence of DRL(H005/H006):
1. Each set consist two lamps both on the left and right, which is placed in the bottom of the grille in the front headlamp2. Each set is made up of circuit board, reflective bowl and light shell, lamp, cable form.3. The products have Emark approval, and the circuit board contains 5 high-power light emitting diodes and electronic control components.
6.H005(SK-DRL03 ) , D03(SK-DRL02) products with difference:
This product adopts special LED drive IC and high-power leds, to ensure constant current and light stability. Its aluminum alloy enclosure, unique designs and good heat dissipation makes it standout from other DRLs.
It is connected to the ignition. Once the car is started, the DRL will turn on automatically. In greasy weather, when the fog lamps or headlamps is on, it will turn off automatically.
H005(SK-DRL03 ):
This product adopts the advanced digital signal processing (DSP) as main chip controller, using pulse width modulation (PWM) technology, to adjust the led brightness. Meanwhile, it also uses special LED drive IC and high-power led to ensure constant current and light stability.
once the car is started, the DRL will turn on automatically. once the headlight is on,it will dim out automatically to 70% brightness.

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